Monday, September 1, 2014

Never get another ticket

Okay, depending on just how your driving you may still get a ticket.  The new Escort Passport Max features a built in GPS which knows exactly how fast your going and has a feature that will warn you if you go faster than a preset speed.  It can also remember where false positives are located, which cuts down on all the annoying alerts from door sensors and things of that nature.  This particular Radar/Laser detector has the capability of sending you live messages via a Passport LIVE cable which is sold separately for a whopping $99.99   This feature will warn you us any upcoming speed traps, however it only works if someone else has the same detector with the LIVE feature.  Overall we enjoyed testing this device and with a price tag of $549.00 we think it has the potential of being worth every penny, compared to loosing your license of paying a bunch of tickets!!