Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ROBO Raptor

Robotic Dinosaur ... What else could a boy want?

This toy is ... well, it's pretty good but I have to say it's a bit over priced.  At $80.00 each they don't offer much more than a couple days of entertainment to out little testers.  They really loved it at first, but just like with most toys, it was just a door stop later on in the day.  The robot has a so-called autonomous mode, in which it is supposed to explore it's surrounding area with it's front and rear sensors, but it just makes a lot of noise and walks around the room.  The remote control is extremely under powered, you have to literally stand about 2 inches from it's head in order for the remote to work, the batteries drain fairly quickly and the buttons need to be pressed about 5 or 6 times before it actually acknowledges your commands.  Overall I think you should pass on this ROBO Raptor, it looks really cool while still inside the box, however once you get it home, you realize your kids may be more impressed playing with corprolite's XD

Boxer Jocks and Hydro Armour Shorts

These awesome kids boxer jocks from Under Armour are a good next step for any growing boy.  They are lightweight, sweat repelling undies that our little tester LOVES!  They also come in awesome Batman and Superman themes.  Also check out the Rawlings sports shorts.  They are made to wear under your uniform and gives added protection from impact and abrasion.

HYDRO Armour Shorts
Chlorine and Salt resistant, Quick drying, UPF protected, and Stretchy shorts.  Perfect for the active parent or outdoors dad who wants to look good, but more importantly wants to feel good.  I really like the features of these shorts.  Living in the south, we sometimes wear shorts late into December, and these shorts can definitely hold up to the punishment i give them.  I wear them when hiking, mowing the lawn, working on my Jeep etc.  They are priced a bit high, however I wear them a few times per week.  I just wash them and throw them on and they are as good as new!

Under Armour Freedom Tee's

Wounded Warrior & Lone Survivor 

Looking for a way to give back and look cool at the same time?  Look no further than Under Armour's fantastic Freedom Tee's.  I spent over 12 years in the Military Disarming Explosives for a living, so I am excited to see a big company like Under Armour not just talking but actually supporting our troops.  Not only do the proceeds go to the above foundations, but the shirts look and feel great!  They are priced similar to the rest of their charged cotton tees and just knowing that it is going to a good cause I think you will love these awesome tees.

Baseball Season!!

We review these awesome accessories that help your child's upcoming sports season become even better.  The Gatorade hydro bottles are a good addition to any gym bag.  They hold up to 32oz of fluid from water to gatorade, and the best thing is, the flavor doesn't imprint itself in the plastic.  Watch out though, it's not BPA free so keep it away from extremely hot or cold liquids.  The New Nike Shark Cleates are perfect for gaining traction in the dirt or grass.  I really like the flexibility of the shoe, being that our tester is a child, he doesn't have the patience to wait for his shoe to break in.  The DeMarini Bat works extremely well for tee-ball.  It has a very large hit zone and still keeps it's light weight, being aluminum and thin walled.  For Moral we have the helmet stickers, we really like these little guys and it gives out little testers something extra to look forward to when they score.  The Under Armour gloves are a must!  They protect out little guy's hands and help with grip and traction at the same time.  And lets not forget the SKLZ Zip-N-Hit.  this set helps promote good form and posture and helps prepare our little guy for hit upcoming big season!  Overall we like the price of these items as a whole, however, we got the DeMarini bat on clearance for $66.00, it regularly is priced at $90.00, personally I think thats a bit much for tee-ball XD

Monday, August 11, 2014

We Reviewed Six Flags over Georgia!!

Six Flags over Georgia Reviewed!!

I haven't been to Six Flags in about 10 years and for good reason.  The last time I was there I remembered how unkept it was, the entire park was staffed by 15 and 16 year olds who would rather text than clean up the park.  However this visit was a very pleasant surprise.  Check out the YouTube video above to see how we liked the rides (They were AWESOME)

The park was actually well kept for the most part. When you have one adult for every 20 teenagers working at the park i guess it won't be perfect, however i didn't notice it to be dirty at all.  The staff was polite for the most part and answered all my questions and even suggested which rides my children would enjoy over others.  They also told us to steer clear of the NINJA, apparently it gives you really bad headaches.

Over all, our review of Six Flags over Georgia was a pleasant one.  Just bring lots of cash, everything is pretty expensive.  And the unlimited refills do not apply to every location that sells drinks inside the park.  Enjoy the vid!!

E-GO Series Lawn Care

Above:  The E-Go Series 56 vole Lithium Ion Lawn Mover is actually pretty cool.  I have been testing it for about a month now and I love it.  Never having to fill up the mower with gasoline is a relief, not smelling the fumes is a blessing, and I don't even have to wear hearing protection.  I have a fairly large area to mow and the battery easily last for the entire time.  The mower is at full power through the entire 45 minutes of use, then it pretty much just quites working when the power is drained.  It has three options:  side discharge, mulch and bag.  It is very low maintenance even folds into a compact version for storage.  I love the light weight of this mower, it is very easy to mow a large sized yard with ease.  In my opinion there is no need for assisted front wheel drive. (Which this mower does not have)

We are also testing the E-Go String Trimmer, Blower and hedgers.  The String Trimmer works very well and also last 45 minutes.  It has a bump feed for the string, and is virtually maintenance free (other than re-filling the string).  The only downside to the String Trimmer is that there is no idle.  With a gas powered trimmer I usually let it idle when I use t to line up my yard, but with the E-Go you have to do it at full blast, so don't make any mistakes!

The E-Go Power Blower boasts a Turbine Fan that is very powerful, blowing up to 480 CFM.  I especially like the turbo option that accompanies this blower.  I absolutely LOVE the fact that is is very powerful, electric, and cordless.  I can take this blower anywhere I need it, pop in the battery and get to work.  Last but not leaf are the Hedge trimmers, these guys are really awesome.  I didn't think I would like the longer blades, however they come in handy when trimming taller and wider bushes.  I like the way the designed the power switch on the handle to wrap around with the handle, as when you are trimming, you sometimes need to turn the trimmer on its side.

Over all we enjoy this exciting line up of electric lawn care options.  Stay tuned for our long term review in a few more months.