Wednesday, August 13, 2014

ROBO Raptor

Robotic Dinosaur ... What else could a boy want?

This toy is ... well, it's pretty good but I have to say it's a bit over priced.  At $80.00 each they don't offer much more than a couple days of entertainment to out little testers.  They really loved it at first, but just like with most toys, it was just a door stop later on in the day.  The robot has a so-called autonomous mode, in which it is supposed to explore it's surrounding area with it's front and rear sensors, but it just makes a lot of noise and walks around the room.  The remote control is extremely under powered, you have to literally stand about 2 inches from it's head in order for the remote to work, the batteries drain fairly quickly and the buttons need to be pressed about 5 or 6 times before it actually acknowledges your commands.  Overall I think you should pass on this ROBO Raptor, it looks really cool while still inside the box, however once you get it home, you realize your kids may be more impressed playing with corprolite's XD