Monday, August 11, 2014

E-GO Series Lawn Care

Above:  The E-Go Series 56 vole Lithium Ion Lawn Mover is actually pretty cool.  I have been testing it for about a month now and I love it.  Never having to fill up the mower with gasoline is a relief, not smelling the fumes is a blessing, and I don't even have to wear hearing protection.  I have a fairly large area to mow and the battery easily last for the entire time.  The mower is at full power through the entire 45 minutes of use, then it pretty much just quites working when the power is drained.  It has three options:  side discharge, mulch and bag.  It is very low maintenance even folds into a compact version for storage.  I love the light weight of this mower, it is very easy to mow a large sized yard with ease.  In my opinion there is no need for assisted front wheel drive. (Which this mower does not have)

We are also testing the E-Go String Trimmer, Blower and hedgers.  The String Trimmer works very well and also last 45 minutes.  It has a bump feed for the string, and is virtually maintenance free (other than re-filling the string).  The only downside to the String Trimmer is that there is no idle.  With a gas powered trimmer I usually let it idle when I use t to line up my yard, but with the E-Go you have to do it at full blast, so don't make any mistakes!

The E-Go Power Blower boasts a Turbine Fan that is very powerful, blowing up to 480 CFM.  I especially like the turbo option that accompanies this blower.  I absolutely LOVE the fact that is is very powerful, electric, and cordless.  I can take this blower anywhere I need it, pop in the battery and get to work.  Last but not leaf are the Hedge trimmers, these guys are really awesome.  I didn't think I would like the longer blades, however they come in handy when trimming taller and wider bushes.  I like the way the designed the power switch on the handle to wrap around with the handle, as when you are trimming, you sometimes need to turn the trimmer on its side.

Over all we enjoy this exciting line up of electric lawn care options.  Stay tuned for our long term review in a few more months.