Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baseball Season!!

We review these awesome accessories that help your child's upcoming sports season become even better.  The Gatorade hydro bottles are a good addition to any gym bag.  They hold up to 32oz of fluid from water to gatorade, and the best thing is, the flavor doesn't imprint itself in the plastic.  Watch out though, it's not BPA free so keep it away from extremely hot or cold liquids.  The New Nike Shark Cleates are perfect for gaining traction in the dirt or grass.  I really like the flexibility of the shoe, being that our tester is a child, he doesn't have the patience to wait for his shoe to break in.  The DeMarini Bat works extremely well for tee-ball.  It has a very large hit zone and still keeps it's light weight, being aluminum and thin walled.  For Moral we have the helmet stickers, we really like these little guys and it gives out little testers something extra to look forward to when they score.  The Under Armour gloves are a must!  They protect out little guy's hands and help with grip and traction at the same time.  And lets not forget the SKLZ Zip-N-Hit.  this set helps promote good form and posture and helps prepare our little guy for hit upcoming big season!  Overall we like the price of these items as a whole, however, we got the DeMarini bat on clearance for $66.00, it regularly is priced at $90.00, personally I think thats a bit much for tee-ball XD