Wednesday, December 17, 2014

We Build the Ultimate 4x4

We review some awesome 4x4 parts for your Jeep!

Rock Krawler 3.5 Rock Racer Stage 2 Kit:  We loved reviewing this kit.  It transforms your Jeep into a 3-link front and rear with coilovers and external adjustable bypass valves.  This suspension allows for up to 14 inches of travel allowing you to clear very large obstacles.

Nitto Trail Grapplers:  We really like these tires.  They are quiet on the road and a monster on the trail.  They have an extremely strong reinforced side wall for the toughest trails.

Hutchinson Beadlock Rock Monster wheels:  These beadlock wheels work tremendously well.   We tested these wheels by deflating our tires down to 2psi on one of the toughest trails in the South East.  
Stay tuned for more updates and long term reviews on the awesome Jeep build.